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Using Security in CORBA Applications

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Automation Security Reference

This topic contains the Automation method descriptions for CORBA security. This topic includes the following section:

Notes: The Automation security methods do not support certificate authentication or the use of the SSL protocol.

The BEA Tuxedo CORBA Java client and BEA Tuxedo CORBA Java client ORB were deprecated in Tuxedo 8.1 and are no longer supported in Tuxedo 9.0.

All BEA Tuxedo CORBA Java client and BEA Tuxedo CORBA Java client ORB text references, associated code samples, etc. should only be used:

Technical support for third party CORBA Java ORBs should be provided by their respective vendors. BEA Tuxedo does not provide any technical support or documentation for third party CORBA Java ORBs.


Method Descriptions

This section describes the Automation Security Service methods.


The DISecurityLevel2_Current object is a BEA implementation of the CORBA Security model. In this release of the BEA Tuxedo software, the get_attributes(), set_credentials(), get_credentials(), and Principal_Authenticator() methods are supported.


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