Oracle9i Database Tuning Guide

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BEA WebLogic Integration (WLI) enables developers to rapidly create complex enterprise business integration applications. Performance and scalability of these applications is closely tied to the performance and efficiency of the database used for managing persistence.

The default Oracle database installation provides average performance to a wide variety of typical database applications. This default configuration can be modified to meet the specific needs of an application such as WLI to achieve better performance and efficiency. This guide provides best practices and guidelines for configuring and tuning the Oracle9i database for optimized performance with WLI.

This guide is organized into two sections:

A brief introduction to identifying database performance issues with Oracle Statspack is also provided in Oracle Statspack.


Target Audience

The target audience of this guide includes:

Some of the suggestions made in this guide are advanced and should only be implemented by knowledgeable professionals who can accurately gauge the effect(s) such changes would have on the overall system.



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