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Release Notes

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Topics Included in this Section

What's New in BEA WebLogic Integration 8.1 SP6

Enhancements to Event Generators and Integration Controls

Business Process Management

Platform Support and System Requirements


Tutorials and Samples for WebLogic Integration


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Upgrading to WebLogic Integration 8.1 SP6

Known Limitations

Administration and Configuration

Deadlock Encountered with WLI_MESSAGE_BROKER_DYNAMIC Table Using the Sybase Driver

Security Configuration Dependency on web.xml

When Starting WebLogic Server, the WebLogic Integration Domain Generates Process Tracking Messages

WebLogic Integration Resources Require Process Projects

Netscape 7.1 Not Supported For WebLogic Platform, Adobe SVG Viewer 3.0 Not Supported on Netscape 7.1

Rapid Browser Refresh Can Generate an Exception

The Global Message Broker "Time of Last Reset" Field Should Be Ignored

Editing a Service Connection While Deploying an Adapter Instance Can Cause a Null Pointer Exception

Internet Explorer Cannot Access the WebLogic Integration Administration Console on Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Deleting Tasks in Worklist Administration Module May Display Empty Pages

Worklist Administration Module May Throw Exception Traces

Application Integration

Async Service Counts and Suspended Async Service Counts Can Be Incorrect in Cases Where Database or EIS Failures Occur

In Iterative Development Mode, Applications Deployed as EAR, JAR, WAR, or RAR files Are Not Available to Clients Such as the Application View Design Console

Business Process

A PersistenceException occurs when passing ebXML messages

How to View More Events in the Test Browser

Running Long Processes Results in out of Memory Error

Both Reliable Tracking and Tracking Level Cannot be set to None

Reference CR280779

Versioning a Stateful Business Process Can Cause ClassNotFoundException in Previously Non-versioned Instances

Control Send Node in a Business Process Invoking a WebLogic Workshop Web Service, Which in Turn Invokes a Method on a Stateful or Stateless EJB May Fail

When Creating a New Process Application the "Libraries for the project xxxWeb are out of date" Dialog May Appear

SOAPFaultException Not Supported for Generating SOAP Faults from JPDs

ProcessRuntimeMBean Failing to Retrieve Stateless Business Process Instance Information in Development Mode

Uncommitted Local Transaction when Connection Returned to Connection Pool

Performance Issue for Large Business Processes

Cluster Configurations

On DB2, Process Instance May Remain in Running Mode Indefinitely After Recovery


SocketTimeoutException Encountered With HTTP Control

FTPS Not Supported for File Control

Passing XML Bean from JWS to JPD Using Process Control Generates Exception

Making Synchronous Calls Using a Process Control Across Application Boundaries with Complex Java Types

Specified Scheme, Server Name, or Port Number in Process Control Target is Ignored

Event Generators

Retrieving or Filtering on Timer Event Generator Metadata with Channel Type of XML is Not Supported

Slow Down of Sybase Database Table or Microsoft SQL Table When Using RDBMS Event Generator

Restrictions on Trigger Type Events Created on Informix Databases

Enabling Auto Commit for RDBMS Event Generators when Working with Informix Databases

Creating New RDBMS Event Generator Channel Rule Definitions in Informix Databases

Creating Triggers on a Sybase Database Table

View All Timer Event Generators Page Does Not Refresh Status

Setting Event Generator Polling Interval for Configuration Changes

Timer Event Generator May Not Reflect Changes in Business Calendar

File Event Generator FTP Supports Only Windows and UNIX Type FTP Servers

Large Message Transfer Fails in RDBMS Event Generator

Data Transformation

Rebuild of a Schema project Sometimes Disables Typed XML Types

XMLBeans APIs Not Supported for Local Element and Complex Type Variables Produced by XQuery

Do Not Delete the System XSD Schema Files

Casting is Limited or Unsupported Between Some XML Schema Types and Java Types in Transformations

IOExceptions Thrown in Test View

Test XML Generation for XML Schemas With Choice Groups or the Pattern Schema Components Are Not Supported

Using XQuery Keywords in XPath Expressions

Deviations from the W3C XQuery August 2002 Draft Specifications

Message Format Error While Using MFL Non-XML to XML Transformation Method in Format Builder

Transformation Exception for In-Flight Processes when Shutting Down and Restarting Server

Database and Operating Systems

Continuous Execution of Applications on Solaris 8, Solaris 9, or Solaris 10 Operating Systems Using an Oracle Database Can Cause the Java Hot Spot VM (1.4.2_04) to Fail

Business Processes Abort or Do Not Complete after Database Crashes During Two-Phase Commit

Trading Partner Integration

Service Broker/Process Control Message Tracking

Reference CR187027

Using Controls to Send Messages from Participant Business Processes is Not Recommended

Bulk Loader Utility is Not Compatible with XA Database Drivers

Extraneous Error When Deleting a Certificate

Upgrading WebLogic Integration

After Upgrading to WebLogic Integration 8.1 SP4, and Do Not Have Executable Permission

Upgrade Scripts Fail in Certain Instances During Upgrade From Initial Release of WebLogic Integration 8.1 to WebLogic Integration 8.1 SP2

JMS Connection Factory for RDBMS Event Generator Not Created Automatically

Worklist Run-time State Cannot Be Migrated from WebLogic Integration 8.1 Initial Release to any Service Pack Release

WebLogic Workshop Online Help

Using the Suppressible Attribute for a Static Subscription Sample Documentation—WebLogic Builder Strips CDATA Block Notation From Deployment Descriptors


User-Defined Properties for Tasks Cannot Be Sorted by Property Value

Login from Worklist User Interface Not Case Sensitive

Querying by Task Owner when the Owner is a Group Throws Security Exception

Order of Task Worker Control Methods Return Results Not Guaranteed

Web Service Cannot Take or Return an XMLObject That is Null

BPEL Import Tool

BPEL Export Tool

Problems Fixed in This Release


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