Capacity Planning and Performance Tuning

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Target Audience

About this Document

What Is Capacity Planning

Purpose of Capacity Planning

Related Information

Capacity Planning Process

Design the WLI Application

Tune the Environment

Prepare the Application for Performance Testing

Design the Workload

Define the Unit of Work and SLA

Design the Load Generation Script

Configure the Test Environment

Run Benchmark Tests

Validating the Results Using Little's Law

Interpreting the Results

Tips for Analyzing Bottlenecks and Tuning

Run Scalability Tests

Horizontal and Vertical Scaling

Conducting Scalability Tests

Estimate Resource Requirement

Capacity Planning Example

Workload and Load Generation Script

Unit of Work and SLA

Test Setup

Horizontal Scalability

Vertical Scalability

Hardware Configuration

Software Configuration: Horizontal Scalability

Software Configuration: Vertical Scalability

Database Configuration

Scalability Test Results

Capacity Estimation

WLI Tuning

BPM Logging Levels

JDBC Data Source Tuning

AsyncDispatcher MDB Tuning

EJB Pool Tuning

HTTP Control

Internal Queues

JMS EG Tuning

Document Size

Process Tracking

B2B Process Tracking

Worklist Reporting and Querying

JMS Control Tuning

Test Console

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