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BEA WebLogic Process Integrator Release 1.0

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BEA WebLogic Process Integrator is a powerful workflow engine that automates workflow, business-to-business processes, and enterprise application assembly. WebLogic Process Integrator runs on BEA WebLogic Server and is a robust, J2EE standards-based workflow and process integration solution.

Using an intuitive flowchart paradigm, business analysts use the WebLogic Process Integrator Studio to define business processes that span applications or to automate human interaction with applications. Developers can use WebLogic Process Integrator to assemble application components quickly without programming. The assembled applications are proactively executed and managed by the WebLogic Process Integrator engine.

Individual business processes may have life cycles ranging from minutes to days (or longer), depending on the complexity and duration of the various constituent activities. To accommodate these broad-ranging requirements, the WebLogic Process Integrator product provides support in three broad functional areas:

  • Modeling: Captures the definition of the business process

  • Process Execution: Manages process execution in an operational environment, sequencing the various activities to be performed

  • Process Monitoring: Monitors the status of processes and collects statistics for performance reports

Studio Guide

This document introduces you to the WebLogic Process Integrator Studio. It provides instructions for defining workflows, defining workflow components and actions, performing workflow monitoring, and much more. It also explains how data is administered and XML documents are handled within the WebLogic Process Integrator Studio.

Worklist Guide

This document introduces you to the WebLogic Process Integrator Worklist. It explains how to view and perform tasks that are currently assigned to you or to the role(s) to which you belong.


This document serves as a tutorial for the WebLogic Process Integrator product. It steps you through the WebLogic Process Integrator Studio and Worklist applications, using a specific example to describe the process of defining and executing workflows.

Installation and Configuration Guide

This document explains how to install WebLogic Process Integrator and how to perform database and server configuration for WebLogic Process Integrator.


This document provides a list of all WebLogic Process Integrator API packages and a description of each of these.