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Packages that use MBeanHome Provides for the configuration, control and monitoring of a WebLogic Domain. Provides for deploying applications and standalone modules to server instances and clusters in a WebLogic Server domain. 

Uses of MBeanHome in

Methods in that return MBeanHome
static MBeanHome Helper.getAdminMBeanHome(String user, String password, String adminServerURL)
          Deprecated. Returns the MBeanHome for the entire administrative domain.
 MBeanHome RemoteMBeanServer.getMBeanHome()
          Deprecated. Returns the local MBeanHome interface.
static MBeanHome Helper.getMBeanHome(String user, String password, String serverURL, String serverName)
          Deprecated. Returns the regular MBeanHome of the server specified.

Methods in with parameters of type MBeanHome
 void MBeanHome.addManagedHome(MBeanHome managedHome, String managedServerName, String managedURL)
          Deprecated. Adds managed MBeanHome to the admin mbean server.

Uses of MBeanHome in

Methods in with parameters of type MBeanHome
static DeployerRuntime.getDeployerRuntime(MBeanHome home)
          Deprecated. Provides credentialed client access to the DeployerRuntime singleton.

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