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Packages that use Conversation Provides useful WTC GWT Domain utilities. Provides JATMI primitives used to begin and end transactions, allocate and free buffers, and provide the communication between clients and servers. 

Uses of Conversation in

Methods in that return Conversation
 Conversation TuxedoConnection.tpconnect(String svc, TypedBuffer data, int flags)
          This implementation of tpconnect looks up the proper service using the domain configuration files and/or MBeans.

Uses of Conversation in

Classes in that implement Conversation
 class TPServiceInformation
          This class represents all the information needed to run a service

Methods in that return Conversation
 Conversation ApplicationToMonitorInterface.tpconnect(String svc, TypedBuffer data, int flags)
          Establishes a half-duplex connection to a conversational service, svc.

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