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Packages that use TPReplyException Provides useful WTC GWT Domain utilities. Provides JATMI primitives used to begin and end transactions, allocate and free buffers, and provide the communication between clients and servers. 

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Methods in that throw TPReplyException
 Reply TuxedoConnection.tpcall(String svc, TypedBuffer data, int flags)
          This implementation of tpcall looks up the proper service using the domain configuration files and/or MBeans.
 Reply TuxedoConnection.tpgetrply(CallDescriptor cd, int flags)
          This implementation does not yet handle the case of blocking replies with the TPGETANY flag.

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Methods in that throw TPReplyException
 Reply TuxedoService.service(TPServiceInformation svcinfo)
          service This is the function that will be called when a service request comes from the remote domain.
 Reply ApplicationToMonitorInterface.tpcall(String svc, TypedBuffer data, int flags)
          Sends a request and synchronously awaits for the reply.
 Reply ApplicationToMonitorInterface.tpgetrply(CallDescriptor cd, int flags)
          Returns a reply using the call descriptor returned by a deferred tpacall.
 Reply Conversation.tprecv(int flags)
          Receives data sent across an open connection from a Tuxedo application.
 Reply TPServiceInformation.tprecv(int flags)
          All of the parameters here are the same as in the conversation interface.

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