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Managing WebLogic Server Licenses


Your WebLogic Server requires a valid license to run. The following sections explain how to install and update WebLogic licenses:


Installing a WebLogic Server License

An evaluation copy of WebLogic Server is enabled for 30 days so you can start using WebLogic Server immediately. To use WebLogic Server beyond the 30-day evaluation period, you will need to contact your salesperson about further evaluation or purchasing a license for each IP address on which you intend to use WebLogic Server. All WebLogic Server evaluation products are licensed for use on a single server with access allowed from up to three unique client IP addresses.

If you downloaded WebLogic Server from the BEA Web site, your evaluation license is included with the distribution. The WebLogic Server installation program allows you to specify the location of the BEA home directory, and installs a BEA license file, license.bea, in that directory.


Updating a License

You will need to update the BEA license file if one of the following is true:

In either of these cases, you will receive a license update file by email as an attachment. To update your BEA license file, do the following:

  1. Save the license update file under a name other than license.bea in the BEA home directory.

  2. Make sure that java (Java 2) is in your path. To add the JDK to your path, enter one of the following commands:

  3. In a command shell, cd to the BEA home directory and enter the following command:
    UpdateLicense license_update_file

    where license_update_file is the name under which you saved the license update file that you received via email. Running this command updates the license.bea file.

  4. Save a copy of your license.bea file in a safe place outside the WebLogic distribution. Although no one else can use your license file, you should save this information in a place protected from either malicious or innocent tampering.


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