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BEA WebLogic Server Release 6.1

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BEA WebLogic Server™, the #1 Web and Wireless application server, powers the most sophisticated e-business applications. WebLogic Server's advanced architecture implements the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE™) platform specification, including Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP), Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB™), Java Messaging Services (JMS), and other platform services that provide the scalability, flexibility, and reliability required by multi-tier, mission-critical e-business applications.

This Web site contains current documentation for WebLogic Server 6.1 Service Pack 7 and is updated on an ongoing basis.


Getting Started

Learn how to install, upgrade, and/or migrate your product, and quickly deploy a simple application.

Release Notes

Release notes for this BEA WebLogic Server release.


An introduction to WebLogic Server and the J2EE™ application architecture. Describes how the J2EE™ technologies work together in WebLogic Server applications and introduces you to the powerful administration and clustering facilities that provide the scalability, high-availability, and security your applications require.


How to install and configure the BEA WebLogic Server software.


Guide to upgrading your current WebLogic Server run-time environment to WebLogic Server 6.1.


How to migrate your applications to WebLogic Server 6.1 from WebLogic Server 6.0 or from earlier WebLogic Server releases.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about WebLogic Server 6.1.

Samples and Tutorials

Several approaches to learning about and working with WebLogic Server.

Fast Track Procedures for Web Applications

Basic instructions for deploying Web applications on WebLogic Server.

Fast Track Procedures for WebLogic jCOM

Basic instructions for working with WebLogic jCOM.

Pet Store Deployathon

Instructions for deploying the Java™ Pet Store application on WebLogic Server.


Partners' Guide

How to build your own products on top of BEA core technologies.

WebLogic jDrivers

Documentation for using the WebLogic jDriver family of JDBC drivers: WebLogic jDriver for Oracle, WebLogic jDriver for MS SQL Server, and WebLogic jDriver for Informix.

WebLogic Tuxedo Connector

Provides interoperability between WebLogic Server applications and Tuxedo Services.

Performance and Tuning

Performance and tuning information for WebLogic Server.


What's New?

Learn what's new in BEA WebLogic Server 6.1:

WebLogic Server Compatibility

WebLogic Tuxedo Connector

Web Services

WebLogic Messaging Bridge

J2EE Connector Architecture

Java 2 Security

JTA 1.0.1

EJB 2.0 (including support for message-driven beans)

JMS 1.0.2

Servlet 2.3

JSP 1.2

In-Memory Replication of Stateful Session EJBs

JMX-based System Management

Deployment Descriptor Editor



System Administration

How to start, configure, and monitor WebLogic Server.


Guides for the WebLogic Server development environment and each J2EE™ technology. Code examples, if installed, are located in the /samples/examples directory of your WebLogic Server installation and are available from the Start menu.


Information about the WebLogic Server configuration file (config.xml), SNMP MIB, Javadocs for WebLogic Server APIs, and links to related Javadocs and specifications.

Supported Configurations for WebLogic Server 6.1

Certification information for WebLogic Server, including system requirements, operating system versions, JDKs, DBMSs, JDBC™ drivers, and other platform-specific notes.

WebLogic jCOM

Documentation for using the WebLogic jCOM communication bridge between COM applications and WebLogic Server.

Compatibility Statement

Information on compatibility between versions of WebLogic Server.

End-of-Life Calendar and Product Lifecycle Policy

Product releases and the release lifecycle of WebLogic Server and related BEA products.