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Installing and Using WebLogic jDriver for Microsoft SQL Server



Installing WebLogic jDriver for Microsoft SQL Server


Before You Begin

Which Version Should I Use?

WebLogic jDriver for Microsoft SQL Server Versions 6.5 and 7.0

WebLogic jDriver for Microsoft SQL Server Version 7.0 and 2000

Evaluation Licenses

Installation Procedure

WebLogic jDriver for SQL Server Connection Properties

Using Connection Pools

Configuring a Connection Pool with WebLogic Server

Using the Connection Pool in Your Application

Client-Side Applications

Server-Side Applications

Verifying Your SQL Server Installation

Setting a Port for SQL Server Connections

Verifying the JDBC Driver With dbping

For More Information


Code Examples


Using WebLogic jDriver for Microsoft SQL Server

What Is the WebLogic jDriver for Microsoft SQL Server?

Connecting to an SQL Server DBMS

Using A Language Other Than English for Connection

Connection Procedure

Connection Example

Adding Connection Options

Manipulating Data with JDBC

Making Simple SQL Queries

Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Records

Creating and Using Stored Procedures and Functions

Disconnecting and Closing Objects

Codeset Support

JDBC Extensions

Support for JDBC Extended SQL

Querying Metadata

Sharing a Connection Object in Multithreaded Applications

Execute Keyword with Stored Procedures

JDBC Limitations

cursorName( ) Method Not Supported

java.sql.TimeStamp Limitations

Changing autoCommit Mode

Statement.executeWriteText( ) Methods Not Supported


Related Documentation

Code Examples


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