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Introduction to WebLogic htmlKona



Deprecation of WebLogic htmlKona

WebLogic htmlKona is deprecated in this release of WebLogic Server 6.x.

The following sections provide an overview of WebLogic htmlKona and how they work with WebLogic Server.


What Is htmlKona?

The htmlKona classes simplify the task of programmatically generating complex HTML documents. htmlKona, which supports other scripting languages and many browser extensions, is useful both in interactive HTTP servlet environment and for periodic generation of static HTML pages.

htmlKona is a powerful complement to other database- and event-related WebLogic products because of its ability to generate dynamic pages from queries. In a multitier environment, htmlKona can retrieve multimedia objects like audio clips and GIF/JPEG images from heterogeneous databases for incorporation into HTML pages. htmlKona creates class files that, when run against a Java-enabled HTTP server like WebLogic, produce HTML pages for a client browser.


Additional Information


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