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Connector Component --> Configuration --> Descriptor

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This release of WebLogic Server has deprecated the Administration Console Deployment Descriptor Editor. A new Descriptor tab in the Administration Console has replaced it. Using the Descriptor tab, you can view, modify, and persist deployment descriptor elements to the descriptor file within the resource adapter in the same manner that they were persisted using the Deployment Descriptor Editor.

These descriptor element changes take place dynamically at runtime without requiring redeployment of the application. The descriptor elelements contained in the Descriptor tab are limited to only those descriptor elements that may be dynamically changed at runtime. These include the following weblogic-ra.xml elements.

Note: These elements are maintained in the weblogic-ra.xml deployment descriptor file. (For more information, refer to weblogic-ra.xml in Programming WebLogic Server J2EE Connectors.) If you alter the value of any of these elements and select Apply, then the Connector deployment descriptor file is updated and deployed to all of the appropriate server machines.


Deploying New Connector (Resource Adapter) Modules

Viewing Deployed Connectors

Stopping a Deployed Connectors

Adding or Editing Connector Deployment Notes

Deleting a Connector

Monitoring Connectors

Viewing and Editing Run-Time Deployment Descriptors

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weblogic-ra.xml in Programming WebLogic Server J2EE Connectors


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