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Domain --> Configuration --> Logging

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The Domain—>Configuration—>Logging tab configures the location, file-rotation criteria, and number of files that the Administration Server uses to store domain log messages.

The domain's log contains messages that individual servers within the domain have forwarded. By default, only the log messages of an ERROR or higher severity are forwarded from the local servers to the domain log. To change the default, you must create a domain log filter.


Viewing the Domain Log

Rotating Log Files

Specifying the Messages That a Server Forwards to the Domain Log

Viewing Server Logs

Related Topics

Overview of WebLogic Server Log Messages and Log Files


Table 68-1

Attribute Label


Value Constraints

File Name

The name of the file that stores current log messages for the domain log. If the pathname is not absolute, the path is assumed to be relative to the domain directory.

To include a time or date stamp in the file name when the log file is rotated, add java.text.SimpleDateFormat variables. Surround each variable with percentage (%) characters.

For example, wl-domain_%yyyy%_%MM%_%dd%_%hh%_%mm%.log

If you do not include a time and date stamp, the rotated log files are numbered in order of creation filenamennnnn, where filename is the name configured for the log file.


Attribute: FileName

Default: wl-domain.log

Configurable: yes

Rotation Type

Criteria for moving old log messages to a separate file:

  • None. Messages accumulate in a single file. You must erase the contents of the file when the size is unwieldy.

  • By Size. When the log file reaches the size that you specify in FileMinSize, the server renames the file as FileName.n.

  • By Time. At each time interval that you specify in TimeSpan, the server renames the file as FileName.n.

After the server renames a file, subsequent messages accumulate in a new file with the name that you specified in FileName.


Attribute: RotationType

Default: none

Valid values:

  • bySize

  • byTime

  • none

Dynamic: yes

Minimum File Size

The size (1 - 65535 kilobytes) that triggers the server to move log messages to a separate file. After the log file reaches the specified minimum size, the next time the server checks the file size, it will rename the current log file as FileName.n and create a new one to store subsequent messages. (This field is relevant only if you set Rotation Type to By Size.)


Attribute: FileMinSize

Units: kilobytes

Minimum: 1

Maximum: 65535

Default: 500

Configurable: yes

Dynamic: yes

Rotation Time

Determines the start time (hour and minute) for a time-based rotation sequence.

At the time that this value specifies, the server renames the current log file as FileName.n. Thereafter, the server renames the log file at an interval that you specify in FileTimeSpan.

Use the following format: hh:mm, where hh is the hour in a 24-hour format and mm is the minute.

If the time that you specify has already past, then the server starts its file rotation immediately.


Attribute: RotationTime

Default: 00:00

Configurable: yes

Dynamic: yes

File Time Span

The interval (in hours) at which the server saves old log messages to another file. This value is relevant only you use the time-based rotation type.


Attribute: FileTimeSpan

Units: hours

Minimum: 1

Default: 24

Dynamic: yes

Limit Number of Retained Log Files

Limits the number of files that a server creates to store old messages to the maximum number specified in FileCount. After the server reaches this limit, it overwrites the oldest file.

If you do not enable this option, the server creates new files indefinitely. You must clean up these files as you require.

This value is relevant only if you specify a file rotation type of SIZE or TIME.


Attribute: NumberOfFilesLimited

Default: false

Valid values:

  • true

  • false

Dynamic: yes

Log Files to Retain

The maximum number of log files that the server creates when it rotates the log. Only valid if isNumberOfFilesLimited is true and setRotationType is either Size or Time.


Attribute: FileCount

Default: 7

Dynamic: yes


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