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JMS Template --> Configuration --> General

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This tab defines general configuration attributes for a JMS template, which provides an efficient means of defining multiple destinations with similar attribute settings:

The general configuration attributes are inherited by the destinations that use them. However, the Name attribute is not inherited by the destination; this name is valid for the JMS template only. You must explicitly define a unique name for all destinations.


Creating a JMS Template

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Table 21-1

Attribute Label


Value Constraints


The name of this JMS template configuration. WebLogic Server uses an MBean to implement and persist the configuration.


Attribute: Name

Destination Keys

The sort ordering for messages that arrive on destinations based on this template.

The keys are ordered from most significant to least significant. If more than one key is specified, a key based on the JMSMessageID property can only be the last key in the list.

Note: If JMSMessageID is not defined in the key, it is implicitly assumed to be the last key and is set as "ascending" (first-in, first-out) for the sort order.


Attribute: DestinationKey


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