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Server --> Services --> Bridge

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On this tab, you can configure the size of the WebLogic Messaging Bridge execute thread pool. You may want to increase or decrease the default size to reduce competition from the WebLogic Server default thread pool. Entering a value of -1 disables this thread pool and forces a messaging bridge to use the WebLogic Server default thread pool.

You can also monitor the status of all the messaging bridges in the domain by clicking the Monitor all Messaging Bridge Runtimes link.


Monitoring All Messaging Bridges

Modifying an Existing Messaging Bridge Instance

Related Topics

"Tuning WebLogic Server" and "Tuning WebLogic Server Applications" in the Performance and Tuning Guide.


Table 286-1

Attribute Label


Value Constraints

Messaging Bridge Thread Pool Size

The size of the messaging bridge execute thread pool.

Minimum: 0

Maximum: 65534

Default: 5

Configurable: yes


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