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Web Application --> Deploy

This tab displays the Target, Target Type, and Deployment Status of the selected Web Application module, as well as the status of the last deployment action performed on the module. You can use the Web Application > Deploy tab to stop, redeploy, or deploy Web Application modules.

For Web Application modules that are targeted to a single server, possible Deployment Status values are:

Web Applications that are targeted to a WebLogic Server cluster or virtual host can potentially display a Deployment Status of Partially Available, which means the EJB is deployed only to a subset of servers in the targeted cluster or virtual host. For more information about the deployment status of a Web Application targeted to a cluster or virtual host, select the module's Deployment Status from the table. The Administration Console displays a new page with the Availability Status of the module on each individual server instance. Potential Availability Status values are:

Click the corresponding button next to the Web Application name to Stop, Redeploy, or Deploy the module.

To configure additional deployment targets for this Web application module, click the Targets tab.


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