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Web Application --> Monitor --> Web Application

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This tab displays a table that contains the list of active Web applications.

You can tailor this console page to display some or all of the underlying counts from which the statistics are calculated, by clicking Customize this View, and selecting the desired data from the list of available columns.

The statistics and underlying counts reflect activity since the Web application was last deployed.

The following table describes the monitoring statistics available for each Web application.

Table 0-1 Web Application Monitoring Statistics



Context Root

Displays the context root of the Web application. The context root is the unique base URL of the Web application, also called context path. It is defined in the weblogic.xml deployment descriptor of the Web application.


Displays the name of the computer upon which the WebLogic Server that deploys this Web application.


Displays the WebLogic Server instance with which the Web application is associated.


Displays the number of servlets associated with this Web application. Click on the number to display a table with more information about each servlet.


Displays the current number of open sessions associated with this Web application.

Sessions High

Displays the highest number of concurrent open sessions associated with this Web application that have ever been reached since the Weblogic Server instance was started.

Source Info

Displays information about the source of the Web application. For example, if the Web application is packaged as a WAR, then the name of the archive is displayed.

Total Sessions

Displays the total number of open session ever associated with this Web application.


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