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Programming WebLogic Server J2EE Connectors

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Overview of WebLogic J2EE Connectors

WebLogic J2EE Connector Terminology

Overview of the BEA WebLogic J2EE Connector Implementation

J2EE Connector Architecture Components

System-level Contracts

Common Client Interface (CCI)

Packaging and Deployment


Container-Managed and Application-Managed Sign-on

Application-Managed Sign-on

Container-Managed Sign-on

Password Credential Mapping Mechanism

Authentication Mechanisms

Configuring Credential Mappings Using the Console

Defining Users and Groups

Defining Users

Defining Groups

Default Resource Principal

Security Policy Processing

Transaction Management

Supported Transaction Levels

Specifying the Transaction Levels in the RAR Configuration

Transaction Management Contract

Connection Management

Configuring Connection Properties

BEA WebLogic Server Extended Connection Management Features

Minimizing the Run-Time Performance Cost Associated with Creating ManagedConnections

Controlling Connection Pool Growth

Reserving Connections

Controlling System Resource Usage

Detecting Connection Leaks

Garbage Collector Method

Connection Inactivity Detector Method

Connection Proxy Wrapper

Monitoring Connections Using the Console

Getting Started

Viewing Leaked Connections

Viewing Idle Connections

Error Logging and Tracing Facility

Packaging and Deploying Connectors

Packaging Connectors

Packaging Directory Structure

Packaging Considerations

Packaging Limitations

Packaging Connector Archives (RARs)

Deploying Connectors

Deployment Options

Deployment Descriptor

Connector Deployment Names


Resource Adapter Developer Tools

ANT Tasks to Create Skeleton Deployment Descriptors

WebLogic Builder

XML Editors

Configuring Resource Adapters

Resource Adapter Overview

Creating and Modifying Resource Adapters: Main Steps

Creating a New Resource Adapter Archive (RAR)

Modifying an Existing Resource Adapter (RAR)

Configuring the ra.xml File

Configuring the weblogic-ra.xml File

Automatic Generation of the weblogic-ra.xml File

Configuring the ra-link-ref Element

Configuring the Transaction Level Type

Client Considerations

Common Client Interface (CCI)

ConnectionFactory and Connection

Obtaining the ConnectionFactory (Client-JNDI Interaction)

Obtaining a Connection in a Managed Application

Obtaining a Connection in a Non-Managed Application

weblogic-ra.xml Deployment Descriptor Elements

Manually Editing XML Deployment Files

Basic Conventions

DOCTYPE Header Information

Document Type Definitions (DTDs) for Validation

Using WebLogic Builder to Edit Deployment Descriptors

Dynamic Descriptor Updates

weblogic-ra.xml Element Descriptions






Cannot Map a ManagedConnectionFactory

Causes and Workarounds

Remote JVM

Improper Implementation of ManagedConnectionFactory


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