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Programming WebLogic JSP

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Administering WebLogic JSP

The following sections provide an overview of administration and configuration tasks required to deploy WebLogic JavaServer Pages (JSP):

For a complete discussion of JSP administration and configuration see Configuring JSP.


Overview of WebLogic JSP Administration

In keeping with the Java 2 Enterprise Edition standard, JSPs are deployed as part of a Web Application. A Web Application is a grouping of application components, such as HTTP servlets, JavaServer Pages (JSP), static HTML pages, images, and other resources.

In a Web Application, the components are organized using a standard directory structure. You can deploy your application using this directory structure or you can archive the files into a single file called a Web Application Archive (.war) and deploy the .war file. You define information about the resources and operating parameters of a Web Application using two deployment descriptors, which are included in the files of the Web Application. For more information, see Assembling and Configuring Web Applications.

The first deployment descriptor, web.xml, is defined in the Servlet 2.3 specification from Sun Microsystems. It provides a standardized format that describes the Web Application. The second deployment descriptor, weblogic.xml, is a WebLogic-specific deployment descriptor that maps resources defined in the web.xml file to resources available in WebLogic Server, defines JSP parameters, and defines HTTP session parameters. For more information, see Writing Web Application Deployment Descriptors.

JSPs do not require specific mappings as do HTTP servlets. To deploy JSPs in a Web Application, place them in the root directory (or in a sub-directory of the root) of the Web Application. No additional registrations are required. You can deploy both servlets and JSPs in the same Web Application.


Setting JSP Operating Parameters

Parameters that govern the behavior of JSPs are defined in weblogic.xml, the WebLogic-specific deployment descriptor of your Web Application. For more information about editing this file, see Assembling and Configuring Web Applications

A complete description of JSP properties in the WebLogic-specific deployment descriptor, including their default values is provided in the jsp-descriptor.

Parameters set in weblogic.xml include:


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