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Programming WebLogic JSP

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Overview of Java Server Pages (JSP)

What Is JSP?

WebLogic Implementation of JSP

How JSP Requests Are Handled

Additional Information

Administering WebLogic JSP

Overview of WebLogic JSP Administration

Setting JSP Operating Parameters

WebLogic JSP Reference

JSP Tags

Reserved Words for Implicit Objects

Directives for WebLogic JSP

Using the page Directive to Set Character Encoding

Using the taglib Directive




Example of a JSP with HTML and Embedded Java


Using JavaBeans in JSP

Instantiating the JavaBean Object

Doing Setup Work at JavaBean Instantiation

Using the JavaBean Object

Defining the Scope of a JavaBean Object

Forwarding Requests

Including Requests

Securing User-Supplied Data in JSPs

Using a WebLogic Server Utility Method

Using Sessions with JSP

Deploying Applets from JSP

File Lookups for JSPs and Case Sensitivity

Using the WebLogic JSP Compiler

Running JSPC on Windows Systems

JSP Compiler Syntax

JSP Compiler Options

Precompiling JSPs

Increasing JSP Performance and Best Practices

Using Custom WebLogic JSP Tags (cache, process, repeat)

Overview of WebLogic Custom JSP Tags

Using the WebLogic Custom Tags in a Web Application

Cache Tag

Refreshing a Cache

Flushing a Cache

Process Tag

Repeat Tag

Using WebLogic JSP Form Validation Tags

Overview of WebLogic JSP Form Validation Tags

Validation Tag Attribute Reference




Using WebLogic JSP Form Validation Tags in a JSP

Creating HTML Forms Using the <wl:form> Tag

Defining a Single Form

Defining Multiple Forms

Re-Displaying the Values in a Field When Validation Returns Errors

Re-Displaying a Value Using the <input> Tag

Re-Displaying a Value Using the Apache Jakarta <input:text> Tag

Using a Custom Validator Class

Extending the CustomizableAdapter Class

Sample User-Written Validator Class

Sample JSP with Validator Tags

Using the WebLogic EJB to JSP Integration Tool

Overview of the WebLogic EJB-to-JSP Integration Tool

Basic Operation

Interface Source Files

Build Options Panel


Using EJB Tags on a JSP Page

EJB Home Methods

Stateful Session and Entity Beans

Default Attributes


Debugging Information in the Browser

Error 404—Not Found

Error 500—Internal Server Error

Error 503—Service Unavailable

Errors Using the <jsp:plugin> tag

Symptoms in the Log File

Page Compilation Failed Errors


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