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Class XML11DTDScannerImpl

  extended by weblogic.apache.xerces.impl.XMLScanner
      extended by weblogic.apache.xerces.impl.XMLDTDScannerImpl
          extended by weblogic.apache.xerces.impl.XML11DTDScannerImpl
All Implemented Interfaces:
XMLEntityHandler, XMLComponent, XMLDTDContentModelSource, XMLDTDScanner, XMLDTDSource

Deprecated. please use JDK supplied XML parsers and transformers

public class XML11DTDScannerImpl
extends XMLDTDScannerImpl

This class is responsible for scanning the declarations found in the internal and external subsets of a DTD in an XML document. The scanner acts as the sources for the DTD information which is communicated to the DTD handlers.

This component requires the following features and properties from the component manager that uses it:

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class weblogic.apache.xerces.impl.XMLDTDScannerImpl
fDTDContentModelHandler, fDTDHandler, fScannerState, fSeenExternalDTD, fSeenExternalPE, fStandalone, SCANNER_STATE_END_OF_INPUT, SCANNER_STATE_MARKUP_DECL, SCANNER_STATE_TEXT_DECL
Fields inherited from class weblogic.apache.xerces.impl.XMLScanner
DEBUG_ATTR_NORMALIZATION, ENTITY_MANAGER, ERROR_REPORTER, fAmpSymbol, fAposSymbol, fCharRefLiteral, fEncodingSymbol, fEntityDepth, fEntityManager, fEntityScanner, fErrorReporter, fGtSymbol, fLtSymbol, fNotifyCharRefs, fQuotSymbol, fReportEntity, fResourceIdentifier, fScanningAttribute, fStandaloneSymbol, fSymbolTable, fValidation, fVersionSymbol, NOTIFY_CHAR_REFS, SYMBOL_TABLE, VALIDATION
Constructor Summary
          Deprecated. Default constructor.
XML11DTDScannerImpl(SymbolTable symbolTable, XMLErrorReporter errorReporter, XMLEntityManager entityManager)
          Deprecated. Constructor for he use of non-XMLComponentManagers.
Method Summary
protected  void normalizeWhitespace(XMLString value)
          Deprecated. Normalize whitespace in an XMLString converting all whitespace characters to space characters.
protected  boolean scanPubidLiteral(XMLString literal)
          Deprecated. Scans public ID literal.
Methods inherited from class weblogic.apache.xerces.impl.XMLDTDScannerImpl
endEntity, getRecognizedFeatures, getRecognizedProperties, reset, reset, scanAttDefaultDecl, scanAttlistDecl, scanComment, scanDecls, scanDTDExternalSubset, scanDTDInternalSubset, scanElementDecl, scanEntityValue, scanningInternalSubset, scanPIData, scanTextDecl, setDTDContentModelHandler, setDTDHandler, setInputSource, setScannerState, startEntity, startPE
Methods inherited from class weblogic.apache.xerces.impl.XMLScanner
getFeature, reportFatalError, scanAttributeValue, scanCharReferenceValue, scanComment, scanExternalID, scanPI, scanPseudoAttribute, scanSurrogates, scanXMLDeclOrTextDecl, setFeature, setProperty
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait
Methods inherited from interface weblogic.apache.xerces.xni.parser.XMLComponent
setFeature, setProperty

Constructor Detail


public XML11DTDScannerImpl()
Default constructor.


public XML11DTDScannerImpl(SymbolTable symbolTable,
                           XMLErrorReporter errorReporter,
                           XMLEntityManager entityManager)
Constructor for he use of non-XMLComponentManagers.

Method Detail


protected boolean scanPubidLiteral(XMLString literal)
                            throws IOException,
Scans public ID literal. [12] PubidLiteral ::= '"' PubidChar* '"' | "'" (PubidChar - "'")* "'" [13] PubidChar::= #x20 | #xD | #xA | [a-zA-Z0-9] | [-'()+,./:=?;!*#@$_%] The returned string is normalized according to the following rule, from Before a match is attempted, all strings of white space in the public identifier must be normalized to single space characters (#x20), and leading and trailing white space must be removed.

scanPubidLiteral in class XMLScanner
literal - The string to fill in with the public ID literal.


protected void normalizeWhitespace(XMLString value)
Normalize whitespace in an XMLString converting all whitespace characters to space characters.

normalizeWhitespace in class XMLScanner

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