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Package weblogic.rmi.extensions

Interface Summary
DisconnectEvent An object of this type is passed to #onDisconnect method by the DisconnectMonitor while calling back on the registered DisconnectListeners.
DisconnectListener Implementations of this interface, along with a remote object, are used to register with the DisconnectMonitor.
DisconnectMonitor This interface gives a user a way to register their remote objects for DisconnectEvents.

Class Summary
PortableRemoteObject API for managing references required by higher-level functionality.

Exception Summary
DisconnectMonitorException DisconnectMonitorException is delivered to the DisconnectListener when the heartbeat interval has elapsed.
DisconnectMonitorUnavailableException DisconnectMonitorUnavailableException is thrown when an attempt to add a DisconnectListener does not complete usually because a suitable underlying DisconnectMonitor could not be found.
RequestTimeoutException RequestTimeoutException is raised when an RMI call blocks for longer that its designated timeout period.

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