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Subclasses of TextNode in weblogic.uddi.client.structures.datatypes
 class AccessPoint
          AccessPoint element provides a service entry point.
 class AddressLine
          AddressLine contains simple string.
 class AuthInfo
          AuthInfo contains an access token that is passed back in all of the publisher API messages.
 class BindingKey
          BindingKey is the unique key for a given bindingTemplate.
 class BusinessKey
          BusinessKey is a unique identifier for a businessEntity.
 class Description
          The description structure lets you record description for a business, service, and other structures.
 class DiscoveryURL
          The discoveryURL structure hold a string that is a web adddressaable discovery document.
 class Email
          The email structure store a string.
 class ErrInfo
          The errInfo structure stores the description of an error and its error code.
 class FindQualifier
          The findQualifier structure is an enumerated name for the means to denote a change in the default search.
 class InstanceParms
          The instanceParms structure holds the URL of the setting files that are required to invoke a service.
 class KeyValue
          The keyValue structure holds a key value in the Keyed reference structure.
 class Name
          The Name structure holds a string that denotes a name for business, service, binding, tmodel, etc.
 class OverviewURL
          The overviewURL structure holds the URL to a overview document (overviewDoc).
 class PersonName
          The personName structure holds a string that denotes a person's name in the contact structure.
 class Phone
          The phone structure store a string.
 class ServiceKey
          ServiceKey structure holds a string that represents a service key, as in the business services structures.
 class TModelKey
          TModelKey structure holds a string that represents a tmodel key, as in TModelInfo structures.
 class UploadRegister
          the uploadRegister structure hold the url of a web-addressable XML document that can contain a business entity, business entity extended, tModel structure.

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