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Common IDE Tasks

BEA Workshop for WebLogic Platform (Workshop for WebLogic) is a full-featured IDE for enterprise application development (SOA, J2EE, web applications). Workshop for WebLogic is based on the Eclipse framework.

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Topics Included in This Section

Tutorial: Getting Started with BEA Workshop for WebLogic Platform

Introductory tutorial that takes you through the basics of the IDE: navigation, features, help, as well as the process of creating and testing a "Hello, world!" application.

Applications and Projects

Description of how to assemble enterprise applications from projects/modules.

Managing Project Dependencies

Description of how to set up dependencies between EAR projects and their web and EJB/utility projects.

Understanding the Build Process

Discussion of how to build your files before deployment.

Before you Begin: Setting Up the Server

Description of how to set up a server for development and testing.

Managing Servers

Description of how to manage development/testing servers.

Deploying, Running, and Debugging Applications

Explanation of how to deploy, run and debug enterprise applications.

Setting up Logging

Discussion of WebLogic Server message logging.

Working with Source Control

Description of how to check workspaces and projects into source control.

Exporting Archives

Description of how to export projects as EARs, WARs, or JARs.

Creating Custom Ant Build Files for Applications

Description of how to create Ant build files for your projects.

Setting Up Logging

Description of how to set up logging filters.

Adding Workshop for WebLogic to an Existing Eclipse Installation

Issues with launching Workshop for WebLogic after installing it as a plugin .

Tips and Tricks

Discussion of shortcuts and techniques to improve your productivity when using Workshop for WebLogic.


Techniques for resolving errors.

General IDE Dialogs

Describes project-related dialogs.


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