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General IDE Dialogs

These topics describe now to use project-related dialogs and general IDE views. There are many more dialogs and user interfaces aids available in Workhshop for Weblogic. To see more, scroll down to the Related Topics section below.

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Topics Included in This Section

Annotations View

Explains how to use Annotations View to edit Java 5 annotations.

Edit Library Dialog

Configure a J2EE library.

New Enterprise Application Project Wizard

Explains how to use the New EAR wizard to create a new EAR project.

New Utility Project Wizard

Describes how to create a new utility project.

New Web Service Project Wizard

Describes how to create a new web service project.

Select Project Facets

Describes how to select and add factes to a project.

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Control Dialogs

Web Application Dialogs

Web Services Dialogs


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