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Configuring the Web Service for Adobe Forms Integration

Complete the steps in the following procedure to configure the Web service for Adobe forms integration.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Adobe Forms Integration.

To configure the Adobe Web service

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Web Services screen, then the Outbound Web Services view.
  2. From the Outbound Web Services list, click Import.
  3. From the EAI Web Service Import dialog box click Browse, locate the Adobe Web service created in Siebel Tools (SiebelIntegration.XML) on the network, and then click Import.
  4. In the Outbound Web Services list, select Adobe Web Service.
  5. In the Service Ports list, update the address field with the correct IP address for the Adobe Form Server.

    For example, the field must show an address similar to the following address:

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