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Scenario for Managing Enterprise Selling Process

This topic gives one example of how ESP management might be used. You might use ESP management differently, depending on your business model.

An account manager has completed the ESP methodology workshop. At the end of the workshop, she develops a plan for her account. She plans to use the ESP software module to enter her account plan information to share with her team, and to track performance over the next several quarters against the plan.

The account manager begins by launching Siebel Sales and navigating to the Accounts screen. She selects the targeted account from the list of accounts, and then moves to the Enterprise Selling Process view to begin her account analysis.

First, the account manager enters the account's business and service units and key information about each unit such as the unit's culture, her company's level of relationship with the unit, and the strategy she plans to apply to the unit. Consequently, she provides her team with important sales information about each unit that sales team members plan to contact.

Then, the account manager enters information about the potential, current, and installed base opportunities by offering for each unit. This information helps the team understand where they have coverage and penetration in each unit and with which offerings. After the account's units and opportunities are mapped, the account manager analyzes the organizational structure within the account. The account manager defines both the formal and informal organizational structures and determines who is important within the account and whom the team must spend more time with to close the identified opportunities.

The account manager continues by analyzing the partners involved with this account so she can identify and use partnership capabilities within the key business and service units. The manager uses her analysis to enter her value proposition, goal, critical success factors and objectives for the account. She then enters activities that are necessary to meet each objective, and assigns objectives to the appropriate team member. Consequently, the account manager can coordinate with her team in a goal-oriented fashion.

When the account manager is ready to share her Account Plan, she runs the report and emails it to her team and manager. Her manager can also review the report online and enter her comments in the Manager's Review form.

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