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Household Contact Tracking

A household is a collection of individual consumers who are economically affiliated and who share common purchasing or service interests. Individuals might be related to each other and might belong to other households. Typically, a household shares the same residential address. Siebel Call Center allows an organization to address the complexity of dynamic households by tracking all household information through the appropriate household contact. If contacts leave a household to join another household, their associated information moves with them.

The Households screen displays information about customer households. You can use the Households screen and its related views to work with the following kinds of information:

  • Contacts (household members)
  • Activities
  • Attachments
  • Service Requests
  • Notes
  • Assets
  • Opportunities
  • Agreements

The Household views summarize information that relates to all the individual contacts who are members of the household. For example, you might want to view a list of all the service requests from a particular household, regardless of which household member made the request.

The Household More Info view tab and the Household Contacts view tab allow editing, but other Household views are read-only.

If you want to add activities, service requests, notes, attachments, assets, opportunities, and agreements, you must navigate to the Household Contact list and drill down on the appropriate field to reach a view where you can enter the necessary information.

Household information is closely related to information about contacts, and is similar to information about accounts. Other chapters in this guide provide more detailed information about how to use the Contacts and Accounts screens.

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