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Sample Integration Workflow: CUT Send Account Data

This topic examines a send-type sample workflow process to help you understand how the workflow process is set up.

This sample workflow process sends an XML string, created from an account record, to an IBM MQSeries queue. For more information about profiles, see Profiles in Siebel Communications.

Figure 20 shows this workflow.

Figure 20. CUT Send Account Data Workflow

Workflow Description. This workflow performs the following actions:

  1. Get Account Data. This step invokes the Get Account Data subprocess. For more information about this workflow, see Sample Integration Workflow: CUT Get Account Data.
  2. Send Account Data. This step invokes the EAI MQSeries Server Transport business service to put the XML message onto the MQSeries queue, called Employee. The message is represented by the Message Text argument.

    The Queue Manager Name and Physical Queue Name are defined during the MQSeries setup. The Account XML message is sent to the queue specified by the Physical Queue Name property, which is managed by the queue manager specified in the Queue Manager Name property.

CUT Send Account Data Workflow Properties

Properties that apply to all steps of a workflow process are called workflow process properties. These properties apply to all workflow processes. These properties follow:

  • Error Message
  • Error Code
  • Object Id
  • Siebel Operation Object Id

The CUT Send Account Data workflow has the following additional properties:

  • Account XML. Specifies the Siebel object that has been converted to XML.
  • Input: Siebel Int Object Name. Specifies the input Integration Object used in send workflows.
  • Process Instance Id. Specifies the process instance and is automatically populated when a process is executed and persistence is enabled.
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