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Administrative Setup Tasks

Table 1 lists and describes the administrative setup tasks that are specific to Siebel Events Management and tasks that might differ from those of the other Siebel Business Applications. Table 1 also directs you to documentation that provides information about each task.

When setting up your application, use Table 1 in combination with Siebel Applications Administration Guide.

Table 1. Administrative Setup Tasks
Administrative Task
For More Information

Configuring the Shopping Cart

Set up Web access for Siebel Events for Finance.

Siebel eSales Administration Guide

Configuring Email Notification

Configure automatic email notifications for events.

Siebel Email Response Administration Guide

Reviewing and Modifying Lists of Values (LOVs)

Customize values in picklists.

Siebel Applications Administration Guide

Reviewing and Modifying Lists of Values (LOVs)

Updating Lookup Tables

Populate values for region administration, product lines, and session templates.

Updating Lookup Tables

Using Pricing Models

Set up pricing models.

Siebel Pricing Administration Guide

Managing the Events Calendar

Enable a browser for high-interactivity applications and configure the calendar display.

Siebel System Administration Guide

Using Reports

Set up report parameters.

Siebel Reports Guide

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