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About Working with Siebel Loyalty Program Members

This chapter covers the ways that member service representatives and other employees of the host organization work with members of loyalty programs.

Other people can also perform some of the same tasks as your member service representatives:

  • Partners. Depending on your business model, member service representatives at partner companies can perform some of these tasks for your members. For more information, see Using Siebel Loyalty with Partners.
  • Members. Members can use eLoyalty to perform some of these tasks for themselves. For more information, see Member Self-Service with Siebel eLoyalty.
  • Sales representatives. Sales representatives also work with program members. For example, sales representatives sell products that earn bonus points for members. Depending on your business model, sales representatives might also redeem members' points for rewards.

After the loyalty administrator has set up loyalty programs and promotions, member service representatives can work directly with program members to help with member services and program administration in the following ways:

  • Member Services. A task-based user interface that automates certain tasks and also validates member eligibility and the sufficiency of point balances for requested services. In addition, the task-based user interface enables the partner or host company to charge monetary fees for requested member service transactions. These tasks are covered in About Using Loyalty Member Services.
  • Working Program Members Using the Siebel Business Application Interface. For other tasks, the member service representative works with members using the Siebel Business Application interface. These tasks are covered in About Working with Loyalty Members Using the Siebel Application Interface.
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