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Specifying the Tiers Applicable to Loyalty Promotions

If promotions apply only to members in certain tiers, then you must specify those tiers in the Tiers view of the Loyalty Promotions screen. When you specify tiers, only members in those tiers can be enrolled in the promotion, and the promotion is only visible to members in those tiers when members use eLoyalty.

For example, if a promotion applies only to Platinum members, then add the Platinum tier to the Tiers list. If a member is not in the Platinum tier, then the customer service representative cannot enroll that member in the promotion, and only Platinum members can see this promotion on the eLoyalty Member Portal.

If you do not specify any tiers here, then the promotion applies to members in all tiers and is visible to all members in eLoyalty.

If a promotion requires enrollment, then you must list the tiers here. Only members in these tiers can enroll in the promotion.

This task is a step in Process of Creating Loyalty Promotions. This task applies only to tier promotions.

To specify the tiers a promotion applies to

  1. Navigate to the Loyalty Promotions Administration screen.
  2. In the Promotions list, find the promotion for which you want to specify tiers and click the hyperlink in its Promotion Number (#) field.
  3. If the promotion form's Active check box is selected, then click Modify.
  4. Click the Tiers view tab.
  5. Add one or more records to the Tiers list, and complete the necessary fields.
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