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SWI Configurator Load Workflow

This workflow is called to start Oracle Configurator, which is launched only when the system preference Enable AIA OrderToCash is set to True and the product type is Oracle Product. This workflow is called by the parent process SWI Configurator Load, which is called when the user clicks the Customize button in the Quotes or Sales Order screen.

Figure 88 illustrates this workflow.

Figure 88. SWI Configurator Load

Workflow Description. This workflow performs the following actions:

  1. Get Source. Calls the Inbound E-mail Database Operations business service to acquire product information.
  2. Is O2C Product. Determines whether the product is an Oracle product.
  3. O2C Enabled. Determines whether the Enable AIA OrderToCash system preference is set to True.
  4. Oracle Configurator. Calls the Oracle Configurator Load sub process.
  5. Siebel Configurator. Calls the Configurator Load sub process.

Table 90 shows the step in this workflow that calls a business service method.

Table 90. Associated Business Service Methods
Workflow Step
Method Called
In Business Service

Get Source


Inbound E-mail Database Operations

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