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Screens That Are Specific to the Siebel PRM Manager

In addition to incorporating the functionality of other Siebel Business Applications, the Siebel PRM Manager has specific screens that are used only for managing partners:

  • Home. The Siebel PRM Manager home page includes lists of records that you might want to work on, such as your prospective partners and your current fund requests. Items on these lists are links that you can click to display more information about them. The home page is fully customizable.
  • Partners. The Partners screen lets you record general information about your partners and helps you manage your relationship with them. For example, it lets you work with the Partner Profile and Partnership Profile, it lets you assess your partners' performance, it lets you enter and look up partner management activities, contacts, and notes, and it lets you view your partners' progress in your training and certification programs.
  • Partner Programs. The Program Partner screen lets you set up partner programs, view partner program applications from the Siebel PRM Portal, and accept or reject those applications. It also allows you to set up and maintain eligibility criteria for each partner program.
  • Partner Operations. The Partner Operations screen lets partner managers view the transactional data for a given partner, giving an overall view of the partner's operations. You can look up a partner and see its accounts, contacts, opportunities, orders, quotes, and service requests.
  • Administration - Partner. The Administration - Partner screen lets you do much of the work that you must do to add a new partner company, such as adding a record for the partner, assigning user IDs and passwords to partner users, and approving and registering partner companies. In this screen you can complete the necessary steps to get a partner company started, including creating a new organization and putting it in the proper place in the hierarchy. You can also administer partner information, such as adding or changing information about users, or about the partner organization.
  • CHAMP Planning. Siebel PRM provides tools to support the Channel and Alliance Management Process (CHAMP), which helps alliance and partner organizations improve business performance. You can use the CHAMP Planning screen to create new initiatives, which are corporate strategies for a given period. After you have created an initiative, you can add partners as participants, and then create a specific partner plan for working with each participant. Finally, you can add objectives that help your partners accomplish the goals of the plan.
  • Certifications. The Certification screen lets you set up programs to certify partners. For example, you might require that your partners be certified in a certain product or service that you offer to make sure that your partners deliver those products or services in the same way that your company delivers them. You can use this screen to define any levels of certification that you choose, and any criteria that you choose for each level of certification.
  • Alert Administration. When partners log in to the Siebel PRM Portal, it displays a personalized home page for each partner. This home page includes a partner alert that displays Web messages you create for your partners. Using Alert Administration, you can direct these partner alerts to all partners or to specific individuals.
  • Fund Design. Market development funds are funds that are allocated for joint marketing activities during a certain period. You use these funds, either directly or indirectly, to help your partners with activities that can generate demand for your product or service. The Fund Design screen lets you create market development funds by specifying how much is in each fund and which partners participate in and can request funding.
  • Fund Requests. After market development funds have been created, partners or partner managers make requests for specific use of these funds, such as paying for a partner to participate in a trade show where they display your product. The Market Development Fund Requests screen lets you work with and approve these requests.
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