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About Siebel Application Response Measurement

Siebel ARM is a framework for capturing critical performance data in Siebel Business Applications. This data is saved in binary file format. For more information about Siebel ARM binary files and about analyzing the data in these files, see Analyzing Siebel ARM Data.

Siebel ARM captures response times at key monitoring points within the Siebel Server infrastructure. These Siebel ARM monitoring points are classified in the following distinct areas within the Siebel infrastructure:

  • Web Server Time. Time duration a request has spent on the Web server.
  • Infra-Network Time. Time duration between a request from the Web server and the Siebel Server (including the network time).
  • Siebel Server Time. Time duration for the request to be processed by the Siebel Server and the Siebel Database server (time between Server Thread (SMI) and any database-layer calls).
  • Database Time. Time duration for any Siebel Database-layer calls.
  • Application-Specific Time. Time duration spent in application-specific areas of the infrastructure.

The Siebel ARM feature monitors system performance in the infrastructure and application-specific areas in the following list. The areas in Table 14 are listed as they appear in Siebel ARM output. The name in parentheses after the area name represents the area symbol, which also appears in Siebel ARM output.

NOTE:  MWC in Table 14 represents the Mobile Web Client.

Table 14. Siebel Infrastructure and Application Areas Monitored by Siebel ARM
Area Monitored by Siebel ARM
Area Monitored by Siebel ARM
  • SARM Framework (SARM)
  • Assignment Manager (AM)
  • Web Engine (SWE)
  • Fulfillment Engine (FSFULFILL)
  • Build Web Page (SWEPAGE)
  • Preventative Maintenance Engine (FSPREVMNT)
  • Web Server Plugin (SWSE)
  • Siebel Loyalty (LOY)
  • Database Connector (DBC)
  • Handheld Sync (HHSYNC)
  • Application Server (INFRA)
  • SmartScript (SMARTSCRIPT)
  • Workflow (WORKFLOW)
  • Siebel Anywhere (SIEBANYWHERE)
  • eScripts (SCRIPT)
  • Communications Channel Manager (CSMM)
  • Request Broker (SRB)
  • Communications Server Service (CSS)
  • File System Manager (FSM)
  • Customer/Order Management - Configurator (COMCFG)
  • Business Service (BUSSRVC)
  • EAI Transports (EAITRANSP)
  • Email Response (EMR)
  • MWC Profiler (MWC)
  • Security / Authentication (SEC)
  • Communications Outbound Manager (COM)
  • Object Manager (OBJMGR)
  • Universal Inbox (UINBOX)
  • Siebel Repository (SRF)


Each area listed contains one or more subareas, which further define the timing and performance of their respective area. The number of areas and subareas present in Siebel ARM files depends on the granularity level, which is configured by the parameter SARM Granularity Level. For more information on this parameter, see About Siebel ARM Parameters and Variables. For more information about the format of Siebel ARM files, see About Siebel ARM Files.

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