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About Managing User Profile Attributes

User profile attributes can be either dynamic or persistent, and can be managed in a variety of ways across many channels. Table 5 lists examples of managing user profile attributes.

Table 5. Managing User Profile Attribute Examples
For example

Self-administration of a user's own attributes

Updating his or her mailing address. These attributes make up the Me user profile.

A call center agent for customers or others contacting your organization by phone

A service request.

The profile of the:

  • Call center agent profile is the Me profile.
  • Customer for whom the agent is managing the attributes is called the You profile.

The You profile is represented by the current contact in the customer dashboard.

A field or sales representative administering customer or contact profile attributes remotely on a site visit

Then synchronizing the changes with a corporate database.

User profile attributes must be specified exactly as they appear in the business component, and are case sensitive.

For example, if Channel is the correct user profile attribute, it must not be spelled channel.

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