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Setting Concurrency Parameters

It is recommended that you set the concurrency parameters. Note that a single Oracle BI Publisher instance that runs on the OC4J can handle approximately 1500 concurrent users For more information about OC4J, see How Siebel CRM Creates Reports.

To set concurrency parameters

  1. Log in to the Siebel application with administrator privileges.

    Log in on the computer where the XMLP Report server component is enabled. If you prefer, you can use the Server Manager instead of the administrative screens to set these parameters. For more information, see Using the Server Manager to Set Concurrency Parameters.

  2. Navigate to the Administration - Server Configuration screen, Servers, and then the Components view.
  3. In the Components list, choose XMLP Report.
  4. Click the Parameters tab, and then set the parameters using values from the following table.

    Maximum Tasks parameter

    Modify the Value on Restart to 100.

    Maximum MT Servers

    Modify the Value on Restart to 2.

Using the Server Manager to Set Concurrency Parameters

Use the following procedure to set the concurrency parameters using the Server Manager (srvrmgr).

To use the Server Manager to set concurrency parameters

  • Run the following Server Manager (srvrmgr) commands to increase the MaxTasks parameter to 100 and the MaxMTServers parameter to 2:

    change param maxtasks=100 for comp xmlpreportserver server SiebelServer
    change param maxmtservers=2 for comp xmlpreportserver server SiebelServer


    • SiebelServer identifies the name of the Siebel Server.
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