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Enabling Report Notification in High Interactivity

If your deployment uses the high-interactivity client, then you can enable report notification. Siebel CRM enables report notification in the Siebel Open UI client, by default. You cannot disable report notification in the Siebel Open UI client. If you enable report notification, then Siebel CRM does the following:

  • If the user clicks Submit, then Siebel CRM immediately returns to the Siebel application. The user is not required to wait for the report to finish running. The user can navigate to another view or do some other work while the report runs in the background.
  • Displays a notification in the report icon when the report finishes running.
  • Allows the user to view report notifications and to open a completed report without navigating to the My Reports view.
  • Hides the notification when the user opens the report.
  • Displays a report notification only to the user who runs the report, and only for the current user session. It does not display the notification to any other user. It does not display the notification if the user logs out and then logs back in to the client.

For more information, see Differences With Running Reports in Siebel Open UI Compared to High Interactivity.

To enable report notification in high interactivity

  1. Log in to the Siebel application with administrator privileges.
  2. Navigate to the Administration - Application screen, and then the System Preferences view.
  3. Query the System Preference field for Report Notification Mode, and then set the value to one of the following:
    • On. Enables report notification.
    • Off. Disables report notification.
  4. Restart the Siebel Server, and then run a report to make sure notification works correctly.
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