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Changing the Location of the Oracle BI Publisher Repository

Siebel CRM uses the following value to store the location of the Oracle BI Publisher repository in the Oracle home JVM property, by default. If you must change the location of the Oracle BI Publisher Repository for some reason, then you can modify this value:


The Siebel application uses this JVM property to access the Oracle BI Publisher repository. If Oracle BI Publisher runs on one of the following items, then the OC4J container automatically sets the oracle.home property value:

To change the location of the Oracle BI Publisher repository

  • (Optional) Create a custom XML file:
    1. Copy the xmlp-server-config.xml file to a folder where Oracle BI Publisher can read it.

      For example, in an Oracle AS/OC4J 10.1.3 environment, you copy the configuration file from the following location:


    1. Use a text editor to open the file you created in Step a.
    2. Edit the following default configuration:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <xmlpConfig xmlns="">
    <file path="${oracle.home}/xdo/repository"/>

    1. To start the application server, add the following JVM option:


  • (Optional) Replace the oracle.home JVM property name in the xmlp-server-config.xml file with some other JVM property name:

    You must set the value of the new JVM property to the correct repository path.

  • (Optional) Change the absolute path in the WEB-INF/xmlp-server-config.xml file to the repository that you require.
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