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Directory Structure That Siebel Reports Uses

Table 4 describes the folders that Siebel Reports uses. These folders reside in the following folder on the Siebel Server:


Table 4. Siebel Reports Directory Structure


Contains the XML files that Siebel CRM creates from integration objects. For more information, see How Siebel Reports Uses Integration Objects.


Contains the predefined .ttf (TrueType format) font files. For more information, see Making Sure Fonts Are Available for Reports.


Contains the temporary files that Siebel CRM uses to run a report.


Contains the report template files. The user can download these report files to a local hard drive. This folder also contains the XSL files that a disconnected client requires. For information about how Siebel CRM uses these files to run a report, see About the Siebel Reports Architecture.


Contains the XLIFF files that Siebel CRM uses for multiple languages. Siebel CRM uses XLIFF files as the XML format that it uses to exchange data across multiple language. If Siebel CRM supports multiple languages, then it uses a separate language subfolder that resides in the xliff folder for each language. It uses a language code to identify the language that this language subfolder contains. For example:

  • XLIFF files for German reside in the xliff\deu folder.
  • XLIFF files for French reside in xliff\fra folder.

Siebel CRM registers a report template, and then stores the XLIFF file in an SIEBEL_SERVER_ROOT\XMLP\language_code folder on the Siebel Server. Siebel CRM places the XLIFF files for each language folder and the RTF file in a corresponding folder on the Oracle BI Publisher Server when you upload the report template.

Directory Structure That the Oracle BI Publisher Repository Uses

Table 5 describes example folders that the Oracle BI Publisher Repository uses with a connected client.

Table 5. Siebel Reports Directory Structure
Example Directory

ORACLE_HOME/xmlp/XMLP/Reports/SiebelCRMReports/Account List/

This directory contains the following files:

  • aclist.xdo. Contains the report definitions.
  • aclist.rtf. Contains the report template.
  • aclist_ja_JP.xlf. Example file of a language translation.
  • aclist_de_DE.xlf. Example file of a language translation.

ORACLE_HOME/xmlp/XMLP/Reports/SiebelCRMReports/Contact List/

This directory contains the following files:

  • cnlist.xdo. Contains the report definitions.
  • cnlist.rtf. Contains the report template.
  • cnlist_ja_JP.xlf. Example file of a language translation.
  • cnlist_de_DE.xlf. Example file of a language translation.
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