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Reducing the Amount of Data That Integration Objects Transfer

The number of integration components and integration component fields that you add can degrade performance, particularly in a report that includes a large amount of data.

It is recommended that you include only the fields in an integration object that Siebel CRM requires to run the report. A large integration object increases the time that the XMLP Report server component requires to get data through the Siebel Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), and it increases the size of the XML that the Oracle BI Publisher Server uses to run the report. If a report template includes logic to get, aggregate, or reference elements in the XML, then a large integration object can also affect performance when Siebel CRM displays the report.

To reduce the amount of data that integration objects transfer

  • Create a separate integration object for each report.

    Do not create a single, large integration object that multiple reports use.

  • Deactivate every integration component field that the report does not require.

    If you use the EAI Siebel Wizard to create an integration object, then it adds all business component fields to the integration component. You must deactivate fields that the report does not require after the wizard finishes running.

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