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Packaging the Report Files in the Development Environment

This topic describes how to package the report files in the development environment.

This task is a step in Process of Deploying Reports.

To package the report files in the development environment

  1. Manually copy the files that you must deploy from the SIEBSRVR_ROOT\XMLP folder in the development environment to the following folder in the production environment:



    • SharedFolder is a shared folder that resides on a computer in the production environment.
    • PackageName is the name of the ADM package folder that contains the report files that you must deploy.
    • file is the type of file, such as database, repository, and so on.
    • siebsrvr\XMLP\subfolder_name is the Siebel Server folder structure.
    1. Copy the XML files to the following folder:


    1. Copy the RTF and XSL files to the following folder:


    1. Copy the XLIFF files to the following folder:


  2. Run the following command to create a descriptor file for the package:

    admpkgr generate "shared folder\package name"


    • shared folder\package name is the shared folder and package name where the packages that you must deploy reside.
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