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Process of Deploying Reports

You can use Application Deployment Manager (ADM) to deploy reports from a development or test environment to a production environment. You use ADM to prepare the report template data for deployment. You use it to consolidate report information into a single deployment package. A deployment package is a set of files that represent the report files. Siebel CRM stores these files in a predefined package folder. It also stores a package descriptor file that includes the details of the package contents. For more information about ADM, see Siebel Application Deployment Manager Guide.

To deploy reports, do the following tasks:

  1. Preparing the Deployment Environment
  2. Packaging the Report Files in the Development Environment
  3. Deploying the Report Files to the Production Environment
  4. Packaging Report Database Records in the Development Environment
  5. Deploying Report Database Records to the Production Environment
  6. (Conditional) Deploying Integration Objects to the Production Environment
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