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Deploying Report Database Records to the Production Environment

This topic describes how to deploy report database records from the development environment to the production environment.

To deploy report database records to the production environment

  1. Navigate to the Application Deployment Manager screen, and then the Deployment Sessions view.
  2. Click the Deployment Sessions Menu button, and then choose Deploy from File.
  3. In the Deploy from File dialog box, enter the file paths from which to deploy the database records:
    1. Enter the file path for the XML file that contains the Sample Data Generation file, and then click Import.
    2. Enter the file path for the XML file that contains the Report Template Registration file, and then click Import.
    3. Enter the file path for the XML file that contains the View Association file, and then click Import.

      Make sure you specify the shared location where the database records are stored.

      For example, you might enter the following shared locations:

    • \\sharedlocation\88-25ZC7_BIP_Sample_Data_Generation.xml
    • \\sharedlocation\88-25ZC7_BIP_Report_Template_Registration.xml
    • \\sharedlocation\88-25ZC7_BIP_View_Association.xml
  4. In the production environment, make sure ADM deployed the data. Verify that Siebel CRM displays the report in the Run Report pane.

    For example, in Step 4, you created a report named Test Account List. To verify that ADM deployed this report correctly, do the following:

    • Navigate to the Accounts screen, and then the Account List view.
    • Click the Reports button in the application toolbar.
    • Verify that the Report Name list in the Run Report pane includes the Test Account List report.
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