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Packaging Report Database Records in the Development Environment

This topic describes how to use Application Deployment Manager (ADM) to package report database records.

This task is a step in Process of Deploying Reports.

To package report database records in the development environment

  1. Navigate to the Application Deployment Manager screen, and then the Deployment Projects view.
  2. In the Deployment Projects list, create a new project record.
  3. Complete the project fields, as required.

    Make sure the Export to File field contains a check mark so that Siebel CRM creates the export file. It is recommended that you include a BIP prefix in report project name. This prefix allows you to search for your report projects. For descriptions of the project fields, see Siebel Application Deployment Manager Guide.

  4. In the Deployment Filter field in the Deployment Project data type list, create search expressions for the data types to filter only those items of a data type that match the condition for deployment. Save each filter.

    For example, assume you create a report in the development environment, and this report includes the following items:

    • Named Test Account List
    • References the BIP Accounts - Current Query integration object
    • Associated with the Account List view

      In this example, you enter filter information to deploy the data types to the production environment using information from the following table.

      Data Type

      BIP Sample Data Generation

      [Name]=' BIP Accounts - Current Query'

      BIP Report Template Registration

      [Report Name]=' Test Account List'

      BIP View Association

      [Name]=' Account List View'

      BIP Report Template Translations

      [Report Name]=' Test Account List'

      If a data type is not available, then it might be set to Inactive. Make sure the Active field for each data type contains a check mark. The Active field resides in the Data Type Details view.

      This step allows you to query the reports that you are deploying to the production environment. For more information about search expressions, see Configuring Siebel Business Applications.

  5. Enable the report project:
    1. Navigate to the Deployment Projects view.
    2. In the Deployment Projects list, choose the draft deployment.

      The Status field of the draft deployment project record displays as Draft.

    3. Click the Enable button to activate the report project.

      ADM populates the Status field with Enabled and the Publication Date/Time field with the date and time of the report project activation.

  6. Export the reports:
    1. Navigate to the Application Deployment Manager screen, and then the Deployment Sessions view.
    2. Choose the report project you must enabled.
    3. Make sure the Export to File and the Deployment Lock fields each contain a check mark.
    4. Enter a shared location to store the XML files that contain the database records.
    5. Click Deploy.

      ADM deploys the database record XML files to the shared location.

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