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Deploying the Report Files to the Production Environment

This topic describes how to deploy the report files to the production environment.

This task is a step in Process of Deploying Reports.

To deploy the report files to the production environment

  1. Navigate to the installation folder where the Siebel Management Server is installed.
  2. Run the following command to create a package folder structure:

    admpkgr init SharedFolder\PackageName


    • SharedFolder\PackageName is the shared folder package name where the packages that you must deploy reside.

      You must specify a path in a shared location.

      If an error occurs, then the path to the JAR files might not be correct. To fix this error, make sure the CLASSPATH variable references the correct path to the JAR files in the admpkgr.bat file in the Management Server installation folder.

  3. Run the following command to call the deploy.bat file to load the package to the server database:

    deploy_enterprise load username password PackageName


    • enterprise is the name of the Siebel enterprise that you provide during configuration.
    • username and password are the username and password account of the Siebel user who is deploying the package.
    • PackageName is the name of the package you created in Step 2.
  4. Run the following command to create a session for the deployment:

    deploy_enterprise create username password PackageName

  5. Run the following copy command to deploy the package:

    deploy_enterprise copy username password PackageName

  6. Navigate to the following folder on the Siebel Server:


  7. Verify that the files you placed in the deployment package described in Step 1 are available in the correct folders.
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