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Fixing Class Not Found Errors When Previewing Reports in Microsoft Word

This topic describes how to fix an error that might occur when you preview a report in Microsoft Word that uses a predefined report template file. To fix this error, you create a custom batch file that loads the required template libraries before Microsoft Word opens the report template file. You replace the explicit drive and folder locations in this batch file with the drive and locations that your computer uses according to where you installed the Siebel Web Client. You are not required to associate a .doc extension with this batch file.

To fix class not found errors when previewing reports in Microsoft Word

  1. Navigate to the following directory on the computer where you installed the Siebel client:

    C:\Program Files

  2. Create a new file named MSWordForBIPub.bat.
  3. Add the following code to the file you created in Step 2:

    echo %1

    set _JAVA_OPTIONS=-Xbootclasspath/a:


    "C:\Program Files\microsoft office\Office\Winword.exe" %1

    This code sets the _JAVA_OPTIONS environment variable and then opens Microsoft Word.

  4. Create a shortcut to the MSWordForBIPub.bat batch file and move it to your desktop.
  5. If you must make sure this batch file always runs when you open a predefined report template file, then associate the RTF files with the .bat file:
    1. Navigate to the folder that contains the template files in your Siebel client environment.

      For example, navigate to the following folder:


    1. Sort the templates files according to Type.
    2. Right-click on an RTF file, choose Open With, and then choose a text editor.
    3. Click Browse to find the .bat file, and then open it.
    4. Make sure the following check box contains a check mark, and then click OK:

      Always Use the Selected Program to Open This Kind of File

      This step associates the RTF file with the batch file you created in Step 2. The batch file sets an environment variable that Oracle BI Publisher requires to publish a report in Microsoft Word.

      If you double-click the RTF file, then a command prompt window displays. You can also use the desktop shortcut and run the shortcut to the .bat file to test the report preview.

      Some RTF files in the following folder are set to read only:


    To avoid a run-time error, you can right-click the template file, and then remove the check mark from the Read-only attribute.

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