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Identifying Disruptive Workflows

This topic describes how to identify workflows that are interfering with the user registration process. Once identified, these workflows can be deactivated allowing the user registration process to proceed.

This task is part of Troubleshooting User Registration Issues.

If nothing happens when a user clicks Next in a User Registration view, then verify that the workflow processes that control self-registration are activated. For information on this task, see About Activating Workflow Processes for Self-Registration. If the appropriate workflows are activated, then the problem might be caused by a disruptive workflow. The following procedure describes how to identify and locate workflows that are disrupting the user registration process so that they can be deactivated.

To locate a disruptive workflow

  1. In the Administration - Runtime Events screen, click the Events view.
  2. Query for Object Name is null.

    If there are no disruptive workflows, then only application type events are returned. Take note of any record whose Action Set Name value begins with Workflow. Such a record indicates that the workflow is triggered every time the event specified in the Event field happens. This can be particularly disruptive if the event is common, such as ShowApplet or WriteRecord. The Object Name normally constrains the actions to trigger only when the specified event occurs within the context of the object; for example, a specific business component or applet.

  3. If there is a suspicious Event, then drill down on the Action Set Name and note the ID following the string ProcessId in the Business Service Context field.
  4. Query against the database to find the suspect workflow. Use a query similar to the following:

    select NAME from S_WF_STEP where ROW_ID='xxx'

    where xxx is the ID noted in Step 3.

    The workflow returned in the query is the disruptive one. Deactivate it.

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