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Process of Removing Configuration Data

This topic describes the tasks that you perform for removing the configuration data for the Siebel Enterprise Server components and the Siebel Web Server Extension (SWSE). You perform these tasks using the same Siebel Configuration Wizards that you used for configuration.

Removing configuration data is related to uninstalling the Siebel software, but it is distinct from it. Before you uninstall Siebel Enterprise Server or SWSE, you must remove configuration data that was previously created for these modules, using Configuration Wizard tasks for this purpose. Do not perform tasks to remove configuration data where a module was not previously configured. In some cases, you might choose to remove configuration data without uninstalling.

Perform the tasks for removing configuration data in the following order (the reverse of the order of configuration):

  1. Removing the SWSE Configuration
  2. Removing the Siebel Server Configuration
  3. Removing the SWSE Logical Profile
  4. Removing the Siebel Enterprise Configuration
  5. Removing the Siebel Gateway Name Server Configuration

For general information and procedures for starting the Siebel Configuration Wizards, see Configuring Siebel Enterprise Server Components and the Siebel Web Server Extension.

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